Was a nice dive Sunday with Thom (what's his Axename again?), Porae and Lord Vegas. Weather was primo, especially with basically zero swell and wind from the south meaning the north sides of Chicks and Hen were perfect. Big snaps up to maybe 15 lb were seen but not landed on north side of chicks. I got a spear in a decent one but it was long hail mary shot that hit it but didn't go through to flopper. Thom made up some BS about bent spears and such .... coulda, shoula, woulda. We hit the cray motherload on the northern side of Hen ... it was like old days with the cray blood lust clouding Porae's eyes and me disappearing into large cave systems. One spot we could see through to a shelf of like 8 big boys ... there was light coming from above but even climbing on rocks to try and climb down in there we couldn't fit ... did I mention cray bloodlust! - Kingie

Thominator you muppet - Snoop