Thominator's trip report Looking for a dive charter that can offer you all the adventure seeking adrenaline pumping nail biting experiences New Zealand waters has to offer without compromising all the amenities of a luxury yatch? Look no further then The Awarua Inn Diving charter. Owner/Operator Matt Crockett offers exclusive multiple night charters to any corner of New Zealand. Here's a customers review of the business. First Trip Advisor report for Awarua Inn Diving Adventures: Customer: Thominator the Young Canuck Location:BOI and Cavallis Date of Expedition: 9-11 January Headed out early Tuesday morning to meet up with owner/operator Matt to his farm located in Pakiri. Dumped my gear into his boat and off we went to paihia. All the gear looked pretty professional and first impression of matt was he seemed to know what he was doing. Made it to Waitangi boat ramp in record time and we were on the water by 11h20 am. Picked up 2 other of his clients/friends that were only going on a short day trip from russels and off we went. Conditions were good and Matt told us he knew a good spot around rawhiti that one of his old seadog mate snoop had speared/seen big snapper a long time ago. The day was spent snooping and cray diving for me while matt tended to his unexperienced clients. Managed a few crays and Matt also speared a kingy for his clients to bring back to family and friends. Matt missed an opportunity with a pretty big snap that was girthy as a 25 pounder should be. After wining and dining at russels and dropping the 2 clients off we went north as light was fading to set up shop in a nice sheltered bay. Sleeping arrangements are generous. Matt is methodical in setting up the best sleeping quarters his boat has to offer, blow-up mattress, afgani tarp, warm sleeping bags, the whole 9 yards. After a very relaxing sleep we were up and early the next morning to a place called nine pin were again matt reckons one of his old seadog mate bounty hunter had seen the elusive 30 pound snapper. Viz was toilet there so we went further along that stretch of coast and dipped in the water. Viz was a 6-7 hazy meters. Lots of boulders and little pins so I snooped the inside and Matt the outside of that coast. Managed a little panny and a good size cray after about 2 hours of snooping and Matt a good size panny as well.he also missed a shot on a good 15 pounder. Matt generously went back to get the boat while I snooped a bit further along. Was messing around up on a boulder in about 1 meter of water when a wave came in and pushed some weed around and from the corner of my eye I saw a big snapper tail. I approach carefully gun ready and before a next wave could break my cover I stoned a 17 pounder.did not expect one to be up top like but luck is luck! After that we went to the cavalli islands to a good offshore pin but viz was yuck so the rest of the day was trying to dive spots that were out of the swell and wind as wind had picked up to about 20 knots and swell was around 750mm. Managed a meat kingy to bring back for family and friends. Second night was spent eating gourmet hot dogs, exploring a nice island and even watching a movie on his big screen projector.very luxurious. The third morning was greeted by a very calm sea so we snooped a very nice bit of coast. Very swelly but saw some good size fish that I spooked.Matt managed a good size packy with his bionic arms.Stopped on a inside pin were matt could have shot a nice 20 kg model but since we had plenty of meat we were only looking for trophies. Swell was irritating so we decided to head back towards BOI and stop by my snapper spot for one last dive. Viz was rubbish but we did manage to find a challenging cray hole that contained a monster packy and a harem of red crays. Dug in too deep. Put a waypoint on the gps for another day. Overall rating : 3.6 stars out of 5. Would definatly recommend and do it again. - Kingie